FibraFoil started its operation in 2008 in Dubai. Fibrafoil is the first company in Dubai to foil exclusive and extraordinary cars to make them even more exclusive and extraordinary.

FibraFoil is the leader in the foiling market due to its high end German quality. FibraFoil is known due to its unique colors, our slogan is "any color as long as it's Fibrafoil".

FibraFoil´s high quality foil wrapping systems allow you to create that unique look for your car whilst protecting its original paintwork from environmental corrosion and UV bleaching, therefore retaining the cars resale value.

Unlike paint the foil is effortlessly removed so you can customize your car again...and again. FibraFoil imports all its materials from the best foil producers from around the world including Germany, USA, and Belgium. FibraFoil has limitless color and design.

How to Applying Foil
We apply the foil with extra ordinary care to give excellent finishing using the highest quality materials and skilled professionals. We use the latest heat and water technology to apply the foil.

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