Shield your car from the elements with this high performance invisible protection foil that covers the car's whole bodywork without changing the color. It is long lasting and durable. Remove the foil and your bodywork is as new as the day you bought it. Our Protection foils are a tough urethane film with an adhesive backing that is professionally applied by highly trained professionals. The film is adhered to your car's most vulnerable spots to help prevent the paint from being damaged by scratches, stone chips and abrasions from flying objects and common road debris, keeping your car looking its best. Our Paint Protection Film is a highly abrasion resistant, clear urethane film that is ideal for protecting leading edge vehicle surfaces from classic "road blast" typically caused by sand, salt, gravel, and other debris.

Features, Advantages and Benefits
Our material is the result of several years of research and development. Many potential raw materials were evaluated but only the highest quality, best performing components were chosen. Based on comparative testing vs. all leading brands of paint protection film, our Protection foil has exhibited the following characteristics:
  • Excellent resistance to yellowing
  • Excellent clarity & smoothness
  • Superior conformabilitySuperior gloss
  • Superior soiling resistance and clean ability
  • Superior resistance to scratching and acid spotting

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